The Game

Clarity Board Game

“There are magic moments all around us.
The trick is to see them.”

~Esther Schwartz, Cantor, Holocaust Survivor

About the Game

This oracular game combines fun with taking control of your destiny by giving you answers that can help you navigate through life. We know that it will amaze you with its ability to speak to you with astonishing accuracy, as it has for hundreds of others. It’s like a wise friend you can go to often for guidance and entertainment. Playing it combines the fun of Monopoly with the insight of a psychic reading. Only unlike the old paradigm of playing games like Monopoly, where one person wins at the expense of others who lose, everyone who plays Clarity is a winner, because everyone walks away having learned something valuable! In fact the game can be played until everyone is finished, making the winner merely the first person to stop playing.

This game is designed to be a quick way to receive guidance, direction and insights on relationships, career, life purpose, health, money, or anything you choose. This will help you go forward in life more informed, as though you’ve been able to see your future clearly in a crystal ball. And as you are engrossed in the fun of playing, it actually coaches you through any blocks that have stood in your way with compassion!