Game Rules

Creating Clarity

The game begins by all players getting clear about an issue in their life they wish to explore. Since this is a game of sharing, when you sit down to play, each player in turn will discuss their proposed issue with everyone at the table. The more honest you’re willing to be, the more you’ll receive back. Make the phrasing of the question personal to your circumstances and as specific as possible. In phrasing the issue it is important to remember that life is full of choices, as is the game. It is not all black and white, so to ask a simple “yes or no” question is to limit the process of discovering what the game has to show.

Playing the Game

After Creating Clarity on an issue to play about, each player starts with a Game Card in front of him or her and $100. Simply put, the object of the Game is to get out of the Rat Race and into the Heart to complete your Journey around all Four Wings and land back in the Heart. For every Wing you complete you will receive a corresponding Wing for your Game Card.

Along the way you must also collect 2 Hearts, 2 AHAA! Butterflies and $200 to be declared the winner. There could no more be losers in this Game than there could be in the Game of life. The Game is merely a reflection of the question being asked by the player. It’s much safer to be forewarned of possible curves up ahead than to go into them blindly. Plus it’s always possible to decide to take a different route when you have a map of the territory. After playing Clarity enough times, you may find that the games that stand out as most valuable in retrospect in terms of the lessons learned, turn out to be some of your worst losses. Of course winning still feels like the most fun!

It can be time saving for one player to become very familiar with the rules and act as a Game Master for the other players. There is a learning curve until you have familiarized yourself with the consequences of all the landing spaces. As long as one person at the table knows the rules and can “Master” the Game, other players can sit and play immediately without having to learn anything first. The Game Master can choose to play or just to run the table for the other players.

Guides of the Game

Each player receives one of the five colored jewels representing the five Guides to the Game. The Guide chosen will determine the course of your journey through the Game. They are as follows:



Blue = The Warrior who rules The World

Red = The Guardian Angel who rules Childhood

Green = The Money Deva who rules Money

Purple = The Goddess of Grace who rules Spiritual

Pink = The Inner Healer who begins the Game in the Heart (instead of in the Rat Race on Start like everyone else).

Starting the Game

Rolling one die for each turn, keep going around the Rat Race in a clockwise direction until you either land on a Heart or are instructed by a card to go to the Heart or another space in one of the Inner Journeys. Follow the pattern of the arrows on the spaces to determine which Journey you go to after you finish your initial one determined by the Guide you picked. Once you have finished a Journey and received a Wing for it you never need to go back to it again.

Game Spaces

  • Every roll of the die will land you on a space with a symbol indicating something you need to do in that turn .
  • Landing on the Crystal Ball gives you the Crystal Ball of Clarity, which gives you more power over your destiny by allowing you to roll two dice and choosing the single roll that gives the best play. There is only one space in the Game on which the symbol for the Crystal Ball is drawn and a card may direct a player to receive it also. There is only one Crystal Ball in the Game so it may move around from player to player a lot.
  • Landing on a AHAA! Butterfly will always mean receiving an AHAA! Butterfly for your Game card and saying an AHAA! (or insight) you’ve had in the Game thus far. Since so much can happen in a Game and it can go by so rapidly, these spots can serve as a time to stop and process through all that has been learned, lest we miss those precious moments. Like John Lennon says, “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.” Sometimes we need help seeing clearly what messages the Game is giving us and it might be helpful to ask other players for their feedback.
  • Landing on a Heart will always mean receiving a Heart for your Game Card and going to the Heart immediately. That may also mean you will be finishing up a Journey and receiving a Wing for that Journey for your Game Card.
  • Landing on Dance (or being told to Dance in a card) means you will pick a song out and everyone playing will get up and dance to it. Afterward you roll one die and receive that many White Magical Safety Chips. (See below).
  • Landing on ESP gives you a chance to win a White Magical Safety Chip every time you correctly predict a roll of two dice as “ even” or “ odd” before they land. You continue to roll and receive White Chips until you give an incorrect guess.
  • Landing on Forgiveness gives you the opportunity to forgive a player who needs “forgiveness” in the Game. Take the card you want to Forgive them for and look in their eyes while telling the player or yourself “I forgive you/myself for…” and paraphrase the words on the card. If there is no one in the Game who needs forgiveness you will instead state who it is in your life you’d like to Forgive or “make peace with” and why. It can be anyone including yourself.

For some spaces you pick from a deck of corresponding cards, written to be loosely interpreted according to your particular circumstances. Always be willing to look at the words and play with them to suit your life.

  • Landing on Panic Buttons: for instance picking a card that reads: “Your fear of flying keeps you grounded” may not have anything to do with planes. If you are afraid of airplanes, then take it literally, otherwise it could mean you have a fear of success or starting something new. To win, you must roll the number designated on the card or above. In the Game, winning the roll means that it’s not your stuff – it does not affect you adversely, and you can turn it over. If you lose the roll, take a “Blues Chip” (See below).
  • Landing on Time Bombs are there to point out something you may have done in the sphere of the Journey you’re in, that ended up blowing up in your face and setting you back. If you lose a roll, you take a Red Chip which is like the ball and chain around your ankle slowing you down.
  • Landing on Moral Dilemmas should always be looked at first to see if they relate to anything that ever really happened in your life or is about to happen. Otherwise just answer them hypothetically with the answer that would be the most empowering thing for you to do.
  • Landing on Judgment lets you look at how your unconscious Judgments may be affecting you in your life. Judgments are symbolized by the scales of justice, because judgments can be good or bad. Follow the consequences written on the cards. \
  • Landing on Good Fortune always brings you a good message and are accompanied by a gift in the game.
  • Landing on Instant Karma means anything can happen depending on the roll of the dice – it may be good Karma or bad Karma – based on numerology from 2 to 12.
  • Landing on Body/Mind gives you a chance to tune into your Body/Mind connection and receive a reading. They may elicit a positive or negative consequence in the Game.

Red , White & Blues Chips

The 3 colors of chips that come with the Game each come with their own symbolism and rules.

  • White Chips are also known as Magical Safety Chips. They can be accrued in many different ways throughout the Game and come with a special power. If you are fortunate enough to have them, any number of White Chips can be used to add to the number thrown on your die. Simply give them up at the time you use them. They can even be used in lieu of throwing your die.
  • Red Chips are just the opposite of White Chips and indicate being setback by something you have done that comes back to blow up in your face. They come from Time Bombs and Scandals and Judgments. You must put the Red Chip(s) under your playing piece as you go around the board and subtract one number from your throw per Red Chip you have, until you have been forgiven by someone landing on Forgiveness or a card.
  • Blues Chips come from Panic Buttons. They indicate a block in your life which gives you “the blues” , and they must be healed at Healing Centers or through a card. They cannot be forgiven. Put a “Blues Chip” on the Panic Button card it came from until you can heal.

If you lose the roll for a Panic Button, on top of receiving a Blues Chip, it will send you directly either to a Sidetrack, a Healing Center, or Start. The Sidetrack you get sent to may indicate the Emotional Blocks that are in the way of you achieving your goals. However, the Guide who came into the Game with you, may have the power to protect you.

It is never an option to help out another player because you have something they may need. There are plenty of cards in the Game that give you that opportunity if it’s meant to be. It’s much more magical and meaningful that way, and it keeps people out of co-dependency.

 The Four Sidetracks are:


Pit of Despair

Protection: The Guardian Angel.
Losing roll could indicate:  Grief, Depression, Sadness, Loss, Loneliness, Failure, Unworthiness, Abandonment, or a Victim/Martyr Complex.

Cave of Fears

Protection:  The Warrior.
Losing roll could indicate:  Panic, Anxiety, Shyness, Embarrassment, Self-Doubt, Phobias, Low Self Esteem, Victimization or Defensiveness.

Chains that Bind You

Protection:  The Goddess of Grace.
Losing roll could indicate:  Co-Dependency, Addictions, Self-Sabotage, Guilt, Shame, Self Judgment, Sexual Issues, Workaholism, Eating Disorders, Obsessive/Compulsive, in Denial, Fake, or being Emotionally Disconnected or Unavailable.

Green Eyed Monster

Protection:  The Money Deva.
Losing roll could indicate: Jealousy, Envy, Greed, Anger, Rage, Vindictive, Persecuting, Power Hungry, Controlling, Judgmental, Superiority Complex, or Money Issues including Poverty Consciousness.