Meet the Creators

by Author, Master Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Debbie Unterman and Visionary Intuitive, DeAnna Hornhorst

How the Game was Created.

Debbie Unterman
Debbie Unterman

The idea of The Game of Clarity to came to me in a vision during a long ride home from Orlando to Atlanta after Thanksgiving in 2000. It was during the month of the hung election. I had stayed up until 4 am and watched as CNN called it for Gore and then saw it taken back.

I was obsessed with following the news 24/7 and was so angry to hear that it was going to be decided by the Supreme Court. Then through my anger came a moment of clarity and a vision. I could clearly see that the spiritual lesson people were to take from seeing the election decided by the courts was to take back their power.

All at once I saw that I could invent a game people could play to see how they were traveling through life being ruled by unconscious fears and judgments and dealing with things they did that came back to blow up in their faces. Consequences of the game would show them how those things side track them from their path or set them back. The vision was clear and never left my mind.Because of my understanding of the intricacies of Alchemy and my years of experiences navigating through the subconscious minds of thousands of clients, I was determined to create a game to help people play through their issues. When I arrived home I put on paper a rough version of my vision and collaborated with my partner, DeAnna, whose artistic ability translated the vision to reality along with some innovative additions of her own.

DeAnna Hornhorst
DeAnna Hohnhorst

Originally Debbie’s vision showed two conjoined infinity symbols encircled by an oval. I looked at that and liked it because the infinity symbol represents the many dimensions of consciousness and the Universal human experience.

But when I looked at it through my artist’s eye, I saw a butterfly. I re-sketched the signs to look more like wings and also erased a little bit of where they met, and sketched a heart right in the center, then added the head and tail of the butterfly. The butterfly is a universal symbol for change which fit well with the Game being a tool for transformation. The metamorphosis from the chrysalis state to me represents freedom, beauty, and flying and it became a major symbol for the Game. Putting the Heart in the center is symbolic of getting to the heart of what you really want out of life that makes your heart sing.

I also added the Sidetracks as separate spaces outside of the original perimeter Debbie set up as the Rat Race. The unconscious Emotional Blocks that are represented by the 4 Sidetracks are a major key in people’s self-discovery during the Game.It was important to me to have the look of the game board reflect the principles the Game teaches. Now as soon as someone sees it, the board serves as the first bridge to the subconscious. It is designed to reflect the personal and Universal experiences of humankind in our outer and inner worlds and the Game takes the invisible workings of our minds and brings it to life in a ceremonial fashion.