What Clients are Saying

“If you want some real insight into your life, play this game and you can discover what your life is really all about.”
– David Quigley, Creator of Alchemical Hypnotherapy

“I am so excited after playing the game of Clarity! It’s phenomenal! I believe that for those who are seeking enlightenment, it could become addictive.”
-Candace Zellner, Psychic

“Learning and evolving always seems to be such a tedious journey, yet in playing ‘Clarity’ learning about ourselves and others becomes a fun and entertaining experience which allows it to be a natural process.”
– Dr. Marty Finkelstein, D.C.

“The game of Clarity was so astonishing! I’ve never seen or played anything like it. All the predictions turned out to be true. This game really helped out with my essence and spirit and taught me about real life challenges that I have and probably will meet on the way through life!”
– Dustin Smith, 12 year old student

“Until recently I have never been a game player. I also never have been one to take seriously anything that purports to reflect my consciousness. Yet I must admit I was won over on both counts when I played Clarity. This game is both enjoyable and insightful [and I hired Debbie and DeAnna to help create a game for me]”
Colin Tipping, Creator of Radical Forgiveness