Why Play?

This game can transform your life!

• The Game of Clarity facilitates Social Interaction, Intimacy, Sharing and Healing through a safe and fun Journey.
• Playing Clarity gives you the space to delve as deeply as you wish in order to explore the sub-conscious motivations ruling your life.
• The game actually gives you the chance to clear blocks and empower yourself through playing it.

Questions Clarity Can Answer

Here are some examples of issues other people have received Guidance from the Game for:

• What steps do I need to take to attract a mate?

• What do I need to do to build my self-confidence?

• How can I obtain my optimum health?

• How would it be to leave my job and start working for myself?

• What steps do I need to take to be prosperous working in the field of Healing Arts?

• How can I feel worthy of having all my dreams come true?

• How will it be for me when I see my ex-husband again?

• How can I come into my power?

• What are the blocks in the way of me having a love relationship?

• How can I take care of myself within a relationship?

• How can I learn to speak up for myself?

• How can I reawaken my sexual desire?

• How can I overcome my feelings of inadequacy?